Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Semantic web and global computational intelligence

2014, July 22
Aigents platform released
We have officially launched (for public testing) our Aigents platform for distributed, intelligent and automatic semantic search of the information on the web - for all desktop platforms. Mobile version for Android is expected to appear next month.

2013, November 21
Semantic search patented 
The implementation of semantic search engine is covered by US patent 8583646

2013, November 19
Semantic search goes in breadth
Expanding to semantic analysis of program code
Involving semantic analysis of video content

2013, November 12
Homo social and planetery nervous system
Distributed planetary intelligence, implemented as ecosystem of personalized filters, is going smarter than centralized one, on the way to participatory market.

2013, October 28
Human Brain Project rolling
If these approaches are successful the result could be a computer capable of running a thousand times faster than a biological brain but with energy costs many times lower than a conventional supercomputer...

2013, Ocrober 16
Retrospective big-data mining in past user interactions as a key for intelligent web agents

2013, September 27
Google of innovation and discovery
“We want to make the world a better place, by building the ‘Google of innovation and discovery,’” 

2013, August 14
Making the world more secure?
Well, here is a good start:
I wonder there is no headlines in English yet but I think now one can get noeavesdropping social network app on AppStore already:
The protocol is published here:

2013, July 25
Human brain connection maps

2013, June 21
Global computational intelligence
Open talk on the matter (in Russian) at science-caffe "Eureka"

2013, June 17
Race in Cyberspace
Russia won the Space race.
United States won the World race.
China wins the Cyberspace race?

2013, June 8
Foundations for a Mathematical Model of the Global Brain by Francis Heylighen

2013, May 22
Human Brain Project bootstrapping
"... the Human Brain Project in the same way one should have considered the Human Genome Project, where the thought was that once the genome was sequenced, we would solve genetic-based disease and understand the genetic basis of behavior. We are nowhere near that, but in moving toward that goal, a huge number of insights and innovations came.” ... Genomics has proven that biology, like astronomy and physics, thrives on big data. In the 21st century, going big is the way of all science. The brain is due for a billion-euro enlargement.

2013, May 20
Recent talks at Global Brain Institute

The Fractal Brain Theory & the Unification of ... everything
Matter, Life, Brain, Humanity, Intelligence, Universe as binary fractals of Russian doll, unifying technological singularity with True God - Wai H. Tsang speaks...

2013, May 18
Great talks from great thinkers
Jeff Hawkins and Google Tech Talk:
Six principles necessary and sufficient for biological and machine intelligence:
1) Online learning from streaming data
2) Hierarchy of memory regions
3) Sequence memory
4) Sparse distributed representation
5) All regions are sensory and motor
6) Attention

Ray Kurzweil about the future:
A must see to live in 21st century.

2013, May 12
Hot summer in China
Seven world-wide conferences in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management fileds to take place in Beijing, China this August

2013, May 10 
Full-blown "Distributed knowledge engineering" article in English:

2013, May 7 
Giving a talk on "Global computatinal intelligence" at Eureka caffe:

2013, May 5 
Managed to translate in English my earlier post on "Global computational intelligence": http://www.webstructor.net/news/20130505/

2013, April 25
Continuation of the earlier talk, discussing decentralized knowledge engineering model (in Russian):

2013, April 24
My talk on global computational intelligence (in Russian):

Related videos:

Peter Russel, "The Global Brain":
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1sr9x263LM (English)
http://vimeo.com/25058134 (Russian)

Erik Brynjolfsson: "The key to growth? Race with the machines":

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